These 10 Lifehacks Will Help You Realize How Clumsy You Are

Live a simple and elegant lifestyle by being creative and functional with the things you use.

1.Cut a portion of an used milk jug to make a beach shovel or dustpan

2.Mount a tension rod inside your cabinet and organize your spray bottles

3.Prevent straws from floating out of the soda can by putting them through the tab

4.To save energy, attach a curtain to your refrigerator

5.Use binder clips to organize cables

6.Use an old VHS cover as a picture frame with hidden storage

7. Make holder from tennis ball.

8.Use toilet paper rolls to make seed starter pots.

9. Pants hanger as cookbook holder. Clever and inexpesive.

10. Use a hanging shoe rack to store cleaning supplie and keep them away from the kids.