100 Percent Vaccination Policy Based on Faulty Assumptions: Dr. Paul Alexander

Current COVID-19 policies in the United States and many other countries are based on one main premise: We must vaccinate 100% of the population, including children, for the pandemic to end. But what assumptions lie behind this objective and is the science sound?

We explore the answers to these fundamental questions with Dr. Paul Alexander, a world expert in evidence-based medicine and epidemiology; he’s also a former Trump administration adviser, now with the Brownstone Institute.

In this episode we examine whether these assumptions are True or False:

  1. Vaccines prevent catching / transmitting COVID-19
  2. Risk of COVID-19 equal for all, including children
  3. Unvaccinated people endanger others, so we need vaccine passports, mandates…
  4. Fully vaccinated people pose no danger to others
  5. Vaccine efficacy wanes so we need regular boosters, and we can say this is safe
  6. Vaccines are better than natural immunity
  7. We can vaccinate out of this pandemic  
  8. All of the above is backed by relevant studies & cost-benefit analyses

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