2 Dead, 7 Missing in China Dam Incident

NTD Newsroom
By NTD Newsroom
January 26, 2023China in Focus

A drowning accident in the middle reaches of the Yellow River.

A strong current washed away over a dozen swimmers near a popular beach when water gushed into the downstream region of the Sanmenxia Dam.

Videos on social media show adults and kids playing on a rocky riverbed, when the upstream dam suddenly released water, trapping people in the flood.

Those near the shore were pulled to safety. One of them said the water rose about 6-feet in six minutes.

Authorities confirmed two deaths. Seven are still missing.

Water management in Sanmenxia City denied releasing water from the dam, saying they only carried out a dispatch order from higher-ups.

Opening dam floodgates to release excess pressure is a common practice during China’s flood season. It’s sometimes done without residents’ knowledge. This way, authorities are exempt from compensating the residents for any damage caused.

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