2 troops of monkeys brawl at tourist spot

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By NTD Newsroom
January 22, 2017Entertainment
2 troops of monkeys brawl at tourist spot

This is the moment two gangs of monkeys at a tourist spot in China are captured mid-brawl.

The footage filmed at Mount Emei in southwest China’s Sichuan province shows the animals separated into two gangs and fighting each other.


The scenic spot is famous for its boisterous wild monkeys who often steal food along with other items from visitors.

In the footage, a group of tourists can be seen watching the animals swarm around each other.

The monkeys can be heard making noises in appears to be an attempt to deter each other from attack.

They are separated into two groups with one on the top of the ridge and the other below them.

As the video progress, the animals can be seen approaching each other before moving back repeatedly.

Later, one of the monkeys is pulled across the ledge and attacked by the other group of animals.

They swarmed around the animal until a tourist takes matters into his own hands, separating the group and saving the animal.

Mount Emei is a popular tourist spot and is home to a sizeable population of wild monkeys.