20 culinary creations, get your children to love healthy meals–create their favorite cartoon characters

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20 culinary creations, get your children to love healthy meals–create their favorite cartoon characters

A few creative touches to mealtime may help your children enjoy eating healthy food. Transforming meals into your children’s favorite cartoon characters will probably make mealtime more fun and healthy! Here are 20 photos of culinary creations that turn mealtime into fun time too! Enjoy!

Many people believe that organic foods are safer and healthier than non-organic. While conventional food products often contain residues of antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, and other chemicals; organic food retains more nutrition with fewer preservatives.

Healthy food however doesn’t always mean tasting good—not every child likes healthy food. While healthy food often has more fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, junk food is often a more temping option for kids, and is usually high in calories from sugar or fat, often having very little nutritional value.

To enhance mealtime for this mom’s son, Laleh Mohmedi turned her son’s meals into his favorite cartoon characters, making mealtime both healthy, and fun!

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1. Let’s fight the beast—Beauty and the Beast

Ingredients: Waffles, chocolate pancake, dragon fruit, banana, and blueberries.  Instagram|JACOB’S FOOD DIARIES

2. Enjoy the Minion!—Minions

Ingredients: Wild Australian salmon, Quinoa salad, and saffron mash potatoes. Instagram|JACOB’S FOOD DIARIES

3. Play with Russell—UP

Ingredients: Shepards pie, beef, and vegetables. Instagram|JACOB’S FOOD DIARIES

4. Just eat Scar up—The Lion King

Ingredients: Dahl (lentils), wild rice, and mash potatoes. Credits: Instagram|JACOB’S FOOD DIARIES

5 Nemo is here!—Finding Nemo

Ingredients: Chicken, vegetables, and noodle soup. Instagram|JACOB’S FOOD DIARIES

6. Meet Lumiere—Beauty and the Beast

Ingredients: John Dory (seasoned with turmeric and curry powder), mash potato, carrots, tomatoes, and broccolini. Instagram|JACOB’S FOOD DIARIES

7. ‘Hi! This is Kermit the Frog.’

Ingredients: Apple, cheese, and wholemeal wrap. Instagram|JACOB’S FOOD DIARIES

8. ‘Honey, I love you!’ —Winnie the Pooh

Ingredients: Homemade Spelt, sweet potato gnocchi, napolitana sauce, and zucchini letters. Instagram|JACOB’S FOOD DIARIES

10. Be as healthy as Spot!—The Good Dinosaur

Ingredients: Braised beef, sweet potato/potato mash, spinach, carrot, and wholemeal wrap. Instagram|JACOB’S FOOD DIARIES

11. Let’s go on an adventure with Sherman!—Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Ingredients: Mash potato stuffed with grass fed minced beef, zucchini, peas, Kale and carrots. Instagram|JACOB’S FOOD DIARIES

12. ‘I’ll be angry if you don’t eat me!’—Angry Birds

Ingredients: Sticky rice stuffed with shredded free range chicken, kale and peas. Instagram|JACOB’S FOOD DIARIES

#13. Yummy Hamster—Zootopia

Ingredients: Spelt cupcake,  strawberries, and melon. Instagram|JACOB’S FOOD DIARIES

14. Alex the Lion—Madagascar

Ingredients: Spaghetti, bolognese, toasted wholemeal wrap, cucumber, and carrot letters. Instagram|JACOB’S FOOD DIARIES

#15. You look good and happy, Bing Bong!—Inside Out

Ingredients: Chicken Kotlet (Iranian dish- free range chicken mince, sweet potato, carrots), mash potato (dyed with cold pressed beetroot juice), and vegetables. Instagram|JACOB’S FOOD DIARIES

16. You did a good job, Bellwether!—Zootopia

Ingredients: Free range schintzel, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. Instagram|JACOB’S FOOD DIARIES

17. A happy old couple, Carl and Ellie—Up

Ingredients: Free range chicken, mashed potato(dyed with a little bit of beetroot), wholemeal wrap, noodles, and edible flowers. Instagram|JACOB’S FOOD DIARIES

18. ‘I can’t move here!’ cried Spongebob—Spongebob Squarepants

Ingredients: Homemade corn puff, oats and quinoa muesli bar, goji berries, walnuts, dates, chia seeds, and apple letters. Instagram|JACOB’S FOOD DIARIES

19. ‘To eat me, you have to be faster than me,’ taunted Flash—Zootopia

Ingredients: Wild salmon, soba noodles (dyed with squid ink), and vegetables. Instagram|JACOB’S FOOD DIARIES

20. ‘Hey! Here’s Dale again!’—Chip ’n Dale

Ingredients: Lentils, toasted wholemeal wrap, cherry tomatoes, carrots, and cheese. Instagram|JACOB’S FOOD DIARIES
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