2022 NTD International Chinese Vocal Competition Winners Announced

The 2022 NTD International Chinese Vocal Competition completed its finals in New York City on Oct. 2. Contestants from all over the world came together to showcase their skills.

NTV hosted its eighth International Chinese Vocal Competition at Kauffman Music Centre in Manhattan. The goal of the competition is to promote traditional vocal arts. NTD spoke to some audience members and also some contestants.

“Oh my goodness! It’s incredible and such a really beautiful representation of traditional culture. In voice, lyrics, in performance, it’s incredibly moving and it touches the soul, it touches the heart, truly, like penetrates it right to the core,” said Mika Hale, a professional vocalist who attended the event.

“It inspires people’s love for music, art, and traditional culture. I think this competition has many layers of meaning,” American writer Chen Pokong said.

“I felt it was really a world-class standard. I was very moved while listening to it,” said Jason Sun, who was in the audience.

A total of 11 contestants from four countries made it to the finals, with only two bronze awards and one silver award given out in each of the male and female categories. There were no gold award winners.

For those who won, it’s an encouragement, and for those who didn’t, it’s a driving force.

Lin Dong, the only Silver Award winner of the men’s division of the vocal competition, said that bel canto is a very great foundation for any singer and musician and probably one of the most beautiful ways of singing.

“I was deeply touched by the final song, and I am grateful to the Creator for the honor and encouragement. He has given to people in their journey, and I am grateful for His mercy when I sing it,” Dong said.

Rachael Bastick, a bronze award winner of the women’s division of the vocal competition, said that the most important thing is the mentality you bring to your singing: “If it’s a pure mentality, purely for the good of others, and to let them enjoy the performance, I think that will bring the best result.”

Jingjing Xu is the Silver Award of the women’s division of the vocal competition.

“No matter what competition I participate in, I always go with the heart of learning from others and gaining stage experience,” Xu said. “And this time, it really fulfilled my wish. I think it’s an important step in my career.”

This year, the competition has specially invited vocalists from the world-renowned Shen Yun Performing Arts to serve on its panel of judges, who think this competition is not only about vocal skills but also the inner expression of the contestants.

Gu Yun, who serves on the judging panel, said, “I think to be able to connect with the audience through their voice can only be achieved when the cultivation of one’s character and the artistic skills becomes one.”

Ling Zhang, director of ASA University Community Outreach, said, “I think through this platform, a contestant’s career will have a great boost and elevation.”

This vocal competition is just one in a series of international cultural and arts events hosted by NTD. You can watch the full event on EpochTV or ntd.com.

Awards for Both Male and Female Groups

Male Vocal Group

Gold Award: Vacant
Silver Award: The Tung Lam
Bronze Award: Richard Li, Wade Park
Honorable Award: Peter Huang, Tony Tang

Female Vocal Group

Gold Award: Vacant
Silver Award: Jingjing Xu
Bronze Award: Rachael Bastick, Hsinju Lo
Honorable Award: Jeannette Lee, Cindy Huang, Pauline Hsu