2023 Black Conservative Summit—Day 2

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Freedom’s Journal Institute, a black Christian Conservative organization, and its partners hold the Black Conservative Summit 2023 from March 24 to 25 in Chicago. The church leaders, advocates, and activists “will discuss the Black Conservative Agenda: How to Fix Black America.”

Events on March 25:

7:30–8:30 a.m. Project 21 Black Leadership Network & Heritage Foundation Breakfast featuring: Horace Cooper, chairman of Project 21; Donna Jackson, director of Membership Development at the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Project 21 Black Leadership Network; Zack Smith of The Heritage Foundation; and Charles “Cully” Stimson of The Heritage Foundation.

9:00–9:15 a.m. Dr. Eric Wallace, president of Freedom’s Journal Institute: welcome speech

9:20–9:50 a.m. Curtis Hill, former attorney general of Indiana: With liberty and justice for all? Or by mandate and preference for some? Protecting the American dream.

9:55–10:25 a.m. Charles Love, executive director of Seeking Educational Excellence; Latasha Fields of Team Illinois; Dr. Jason Hill; and Myles Mendoza, partner at Oak Rose Grou : Education Choice—Real equality requires choice.

10:30–11:00 a.m. Dr. Eric Wallace, president of Freedom’s Journal Institute; Dr. John West, vice president of Discovery Institute; Sean Mixon, Dual Credit adjunct professor of Philosophy at Dallas College: Scientism: The Doctrine of Demons.

11:05–11:35 a.m. Jennifer L. Wallace, co-founder & senior fellow at Marriage and Family Life and director at Black Families Matter; Delano Squires, research fellow at The Heritage Foundation; Rev. Dean Nelson, chairman at the Frederick Douglass Foundation: Black Families Matter.

11:40– 12:10 p.m. Larry Elder, author and radio show host: Racism is not the # 1 problem facing the black community—It is the lack of fathers in the home.

12:15– 1:15 p.m. Lt. Col. Allen West, executive director at American Constitutional Rights Union : keynote speech in KiK Lunch.