27-Year-Old Woman Receives Letter From White House After Battling Brain Tumor

By Janita Kan

A 27-year-old nursing student from Alabama was surprised when she received a large manila envelope addressed to her from the White House. Inside was a personal letter signed by the president and the first lady.

“We recently learned of the courage and tenacity you have displayed during the course of your illness,” the letter read. Below was President Donald Trump’s famous signature, along with the first lady’s.

Rachel Robbins had recently battled with a brain tumor and was recovering after surgery. She had a tumor larger than a lime removed from the back right side of her head, which affected her vision, according to a press release from Liberty Counsel. Robbins was a former staff member of the Christian ministry.

NTD Photo
Rachel Robbins and Dr. Voss. (Liberty Counsel)

Robbins received the letter dated Feb. 4 and said she was overwhelmed by the president’s concern.

“I was so impressed and touched that the President of the United States would acknowledge God and take the time to ask Him to help me. It is overwhelming to receive such a personal letter from the President and the First Lady,” she said.

In the letter, the president and the first lady said, “We are keeping you and your loved ones in our prayers and send our warmest wishes for a swift and full recovery. We hope that the love and support of friends and family strengthens and encourages you during this difficult time. We ask that God grant you comfort and strength as you continue this brave battle. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Get well soon!”

NTD Photo
Rachel’s letter. (Liberty Counsel)

Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, said it was incredible for the president and the first lady to send a letter of encouragement to someone they have never met.

“This letter is very special. In the din of political debate, very few people hear about touching stories like this one and the person touched by the family occupying the highest office in the land,” Staver said.

Robbins’s tumor may have been removed but she is still undergoing additional treatment to ensure that “everything has been eradicated.”

NTD Photo
Rachel with Dr. Woodham and PA Norris. (Liberty Counsel)

“Rachel lights up a room with her smile. Her love for the Lord is evident. We have been praying for Rachel and we know many people around the world are lifting her up in prayer. We are asking people to continue to pray for Rachel and her family. No matter the circumstances, nothing is impossible for God,” Staver said.

In a similar event last year, a 10-year-old girl who was also battling a brain tumor received a letter from the White House, delivered by a member of the secret service.

The letter includes an autographed photo of Oliviah Hall of Ohio with President Donald Trump, reported Fox19. Hall and her family took a photo with the president when he visited the state in November.

It’s a pretty amazing experience to have autographed photos from the President of the United States personally delivered by the Secret Service. Thank you President Trump! #teamoliviah #makingmemories

Gepostet von Team Oliviah am Freitag, 30. November 2018

“It’s a pretty amazing experience to have autographed photos from the President of the United States personally delivered by the Secret Service. Thank you President Trump! #teamoliviah #makingmemories,” wrote Team Oliviah on Facebook, including the photos.

U.S. Secret Service Special Agent in Charge Jon Schuck drove to the girl’s home in Ashtabula as soon as he got the autographed print from the White House, according to the report.

Hall was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade IV in August 2017 and passed away on Dec. 29 after fighting the rare form of brain cancer for 16 months. She had undergone chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation treatment in an attempt to treat the tumor.

Reporter Jack Phillips contributed to this report