3 Dead After Fitness Gym Collapses in China

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By NTD Newsroom
November 8, 2023China in Focus

3 Dead After Fitness Gym Collapses in China

Reports of a tragic incident in Northeast China, three are dead with another injured after a gym collapsed Monday night.

Authorities said seven people were inside the building when it collapsed.

Police detained the gym’s owner.

It was not immediately clear what caused the collapse. Authorities are currently investigating.

It marks the second gym collapse in the province in recent months.

A least eleven people were killed last July, after the concrete roof of a school gymnasium collapsed.

Unseasonable Blizzards Hit Northeast China

Those reports come as an unexpected blizzard hit northeast China on Monday —

Several cities issued weather alerts.

While one of them mobilized over seven-hundred snow plows to clear roads. The heavy snowfall totaled around half of what the area usually gets all winter.

Northern China has seen some untimely weather in the past week:

From smog in some areas, to the second-warmest October in decades — and then a sharp temperature drop over the weekend.

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