4 Delicious, Easy Ways to Cook With Kimchi

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October 11, 2017Food
4 Delicious, Easy Ways to Cook With Kimchi

Kimchi Avocado Gimbap

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4.Egg Part:
(1) Kimchi juice 2tbsp
(2) Starch 1tbsp
(3) Salt 1/4tsp
(4) Pepper 1/4tsp
(5) Dashi 1/4tsp

5.Rice part:
(1) Rice vinegar 1tbsp
(2) Sugar 1tbsp
(3) Salt 1tsp

6.Sauce part:
(1) White sesame
(2) Sesame oil
(3) Soy sauce


1. Mix Kimchi juice, Starch, Salt, Pepper and Dasi all together, then mix with beaten egg
2. Add little oil into pan, then put the egg liquid into pan. After 10-20sec, flip it back then another 10 sec.
3. Take out the thin egg skin from the fry-pan and cut them into slices.
4. Slice the cucumber, carrot and avocado into thin stick. Soak cucumber into salt, squeeze the liquid out after 10 min or longer.
5. Mix Rice vinegar ,Sugar and salt then mix it with cooked rice.
6. Put a seaweed sheet on Makisu (bamboo mat) and spread rice over. Spread kimchi over on top of the rice.
7. Put sliced vegetables and egg on top of that.
8. Roll it up with Makisu.
9. Cut it into one-bite size and spread some sesame oil and white sesame over.
10.It’s done (a little soy sauce taste good too)

Kimchi Ramen Burger

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1.Ramen part :
(3)Salt ¼ tbs
(4)Pepper ¼ tbs

2.Minced meat part:
(1) Gochujang 1tbs
(2) Cooking wine 1tbs
(3) Kimchi juice 1.5tbs
(4) Soy Sauce 1tbs
(5) Kimchi 3.7 oz
(6) Scallion 1 cup
(7) Panko(Bread Crumble) 1 oz
(8)Beef 240g


1.Boil ramen and rinse it in cold water to cool it down. Then mix an beaten egg, a little salt and pepper in it.
2. Separate the ramen into three or four portions, put them each into a small bowl. Cover the ramen with wrap and use something heavy like glass container or so, to press the ramen down into the bowl a little. Put these small bowls into fridge for at least 15min.
3. Mix Gochujang, sake, soy sauce and the liquid from kimchi, all together nicely. Then blend this seasoning into minced meat, minced kimchi, scallion and panko.
4. Make it into several patties shape.
5. Remove the ramen buns from the small bowl. Put oil inside the fry-pan and slide the buns inside the pan. 3-5min for one side.
6. Oil inside the pan again and place the patties inside. Grill them until fully cooked.
7. Make an over-easy fried egg.
8. Assembles the burger. I put some Sriracha sauce as well.

Kimchi spring roll

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Korean pear1+1/3Cup
Scallion 1Cup
Garlic 1/4cup
Soy sauce 1/3cup
Rice wine 1tsp
Sesame oil 2tsp
Sesame 1tbsp
Sesame 1/3cup
Sugar 2tsp
Rib steak 0.5lb
mozzarella 1.5cup
spring roll wrappers 12

Dipping sauce:
3 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon Gochujang (Korean chili paste)
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon sesame oil
1 scallion, chopped
1 tablespoon sesame seeds

1. Cut the Korean pear in half, then add in blender with peeled garlic.
2. Add in soy sauce, rice wine, sesame oil, sesame, scallions, and sugar.
3. Mix with the ready-cut strips of rib steak and marinate for 1 hour.
4. Cook the marinated rib steak in a pan.
5. Lay the beef on the spring roll wrappers.
6. Place kimchi on top and sprinkle with mozzarella
7. Cover the spring roll wrappers with flour and roll it.
8. Place in boiling oil for 3 minutes.
9. Serve.

kimchi Bulgogi Taco

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ribeye steak 1 lb
soy sauce 3 tbs
sesame oil 1 tbs
pear purée 2 tbs
dark brown sugar 2 tbs
honey 1 tbs
garlic, minced 3 cloves
green onion, chopped 1 stalk
small yellow onion, sliced 1

1 stalk of green onion, chopped
sesame seeds 1 tbs
2 pieces of kimchi, sliced

Avocado Cream Sauce
1 ripe hass avocado
1/4 cup sour cream
2 tbs lime juice
pinch of salt

White corn tortilla

1. Freeze the steak for 4 hours and slice thinly
2. Peel and puree half of the pear
3. Combine 2 tbs of pear puree, soy sauce, sesame oil, dark brown sugar, honey, minced garlic, and chopped green onion in a small bowl and stir until the sugar is dissolved
4. Pour the mixture over the beef and marinate for at least 4 hours or overnight
5. Saute the onion in a pan over medium heat until soft
6. Bring the skillet to high heat and place the meat on the pan
7. Leave the beef untouched for at least 2 minutes before flipping and mixing with the onions to sear the meat
8. Remove from heat and set aside
9. In a separate small skillet on medium heat, heat the tortilla until light brown spots are visible, flipping occasionally
10. Combine the avocado, sour cream, .lime juice, and salt in a blender and blend until smooth
11. Make the taco by placing the beef and the kimchi on the bottom
12. Sprinkle sesame seeds and green onion and pour sauce on top

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