4-Year-Old Child Dropped Into the US From High Border Wall in San Diego

SAN DIEGO—A 4-year-old child was dropped into the United States from a high border wall with Mexico in a surveillance video that captures a routine—and highly risky—occurrence.

“Remarkably, the child is ok!” Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz wrote on Twitter in his caption to the agency’s one-minute, 37-second video, which was posted on Twitter May 22. “Do not trust smugglers!”

The jerky, black-and-white images appear to show the child and one adult being aided by another adult over the wall, which rises as high as 30 feet between Tijuana, Mexico, and San Diego, California. Ortiz said agents heard gunfire while tending to the child.

The child came with two adults, all of whom were in Border Patrol custody, agency spokesman Michael Scappechio said Tuesday. It had not been confirmed if the adults were the child’s parents or what nationality they were. It was also unclear if they would be released in the United States to pursue immigration cases or deported.

Attempts to get over the wall happen daily but are less common among children of such young ages, Scappechio said.