5 Affordable Ways to Spice Up Your Boring Apartment or Dorm Room

Felicia Lee
By Felicia Lee
August 18, 2017Home Decor
5 Affordable Ways to Spice Up Your Boring Apartment or Dorm Room

There comes a time in a young adults life where four barren walls, a twin bed and pure functionality just doesn’t cut it anymore. We got to step up, upgrade, start enjoying the finer things in life! This doesn’t mean dishing out stacks of cash and refurnishing the entire place – calm down – but it does mean learning about ways to elevate your room and take it to the next level by doing very little.

If you’re in college living in a dorm room or even if you’re in a tiny apartment in NYC, wherever you are these tips can really transform the look and feel of your humble abode.


Wall Art


One basic interior design principle is that in a room, there should be a focal point. Wall art is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. Decor items on the wall draw attention to certain areas of the room that can oftentimes be overlooked, this in turn makes your living space seem bigger.

Wall art can be in the form of picture frames, wallpapers, decor items, or even decorative shelving.


It should express your personality and also tie in to the existing pieces of furniture in the room.

Throw Cushions


The humble cushion is often seen as insignificant when thinking about ways to spice up a room. Throw pillows are used for decorative purposes on the bed and on couches – but they should always add comfort!


Depending on the color and texture of the cushion, adding two to three different combinations can totally transform and elevate the feel of the space. By adding it to a chair for example, it instantly makes it seem more inviting.


The basic formula for matching multiple throw cushions is one small/busy print, one big print, and one solid color  – all of which are complimentary.



Plants improve the air quality of a room by removing carbon dioxide and cleaning up environmental toxins from the air. Studies show that there is an increase in productivity, job satisfaction and general well-being when plants are around. Needless to say that are a valuable addition to any room.

If you’re part of that population that struggles to keep plants alive (don’t worry we’re right with you), then cactus plants, and succulents such as Snake Plants or Aloe Vera are perfect additions. Some plants require more TLC, so depending on your abilities to care for it, do additional research on each plant.


If having it on a desk is too basic, try hanging plants from the walls or from the ceiling.




Mirrors aren’t only functional, but they can create the illusion of more depth in a room.

The trick is to place the mirror in ways that create this visual augmentation. First place is opposite a window so that it reflects natural light and illuminates the rest of the room. Placing a large standing mirror against a wall makes the room feel larger than it actually is. The bigger the mirror, the larger the room will feel.


If a large mirror isn’t for you but you still want that effect, try incorporating mirrored furniture or mirrored accent pieces.



Adequate lighting is often overlooked when one thinks of decor and comfort. However, the right lighting changes the mood and feel of a room considerably.

More that just pure aesthetics, productive reading and working experience is enhanced by good lighting. So if your room doubles as a study, we suggest using desk lamps with LED bulbs as they have a lower watt. The general rule is that the higher the wattage number, the greater the brightness. By using an LED lamp instead of turning on the room light, this reduces eye strain as glare and shadows are minimized when working and reading, therefore easing tension on the eyes and enhancing productivity. Which means, yay, more work gets done!

Hope you found these simple tips helpful! Now get shopping and share this with friends who need a little shove in bringing their room to another level!

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