5 Steps to Get Glass Skin

Hello beauties! Today we’re going to show you guys 5 simple steps to achieve “glass skin,” yes you heard that, glass skin! So what exactly is this glass skin trend?

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Put simply, glass skin is about getting the skin to be so hydrated, so smooth, so glossy, so translucent, supple and clear that it looks like glass. We’re going to show you exactly how to get that effect in 5 easy steps! Make sure you stick around until the last step – which is the MOST important!

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The 5 Step Process

For a truly poreless complexion, you have to dissolve every trace of makeup, oil, sweat, dirt and pollutant on your skin before hitting the sheets.

The second step is toner, leave your face slightly wet and apply toner. The toner will capture water that’s left on the skin and seal it into your pores. This allows the toner to seep deeper into the layers of your skin and provide long-lasting hydration.

Essense typically contains active ingredients that increases your skin’s natural cell turnover, it also hydrates the skin deeper and enhances the skin’s absorption of nutrients from products you put onto your skin afterwards.

Basically there would be no glass skin without a great moisturizer! Your skin is always changing. With seasons, product combinations, time of the month, with age – moisturizers will naturally change too. So make sure to reassess whether your moisturizer is doing its job well, otherwise it’s time to ditch the old and in with a new.

So what’s arguably the most important step of all?

5. SPF
The most important step is sunscreen! Seal it, protect it, use sunscreen on it, because it’s the biggest reason for wrinkles. Even if you’re young, not using sunscreen can cause wrinkles to form early.

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For detailed directions on how to get glass skin, watch the full video: How to Get Glowy & Smooth Glass Skin

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