5-Year-Old Credited With Saving 13 From Chicago House Fire

By Web Staff

CHICAGO—A 5-year-old boy is being credited with saving 13 people from a Chicago house fire.

Residents say Jayden Espinosa awoke to smoke and flames just before 4 a.m. Saturday and alerted others to the danger.

Seven adults and six children who lived in the 2 1/2-story brick home in the Back of the Yards neighborhood were left homeless. No injuries were reported.

Nicole Peeples says that without the boy’s warning, “I don’t think we would have survived.”

Peeples says she smelled no smoke and “the fire alarms never went off. I’m so glad he was there.”

Fire officials are investigating the cause of the fire. Residents say the home was destroyed.

Father Saves His Son During School Talent Show

In news related to enduring life’s hardships, a young boy got stage fright when was set to perform at a talent show at his school in New Jersey—luckily, his dad was there to help him out.

Braydon Startare, a 9-year-old boy, was set to perform a comedy skit that he had practiced many times before at Dorothy Bullock Elementary school’s end of the year talent show. But when he stepped on the stage, microphone in one hand and notecards in the other, he became nervous.

According to PHL 17, his schoolmates and teacher cheered Braydon on as he took a deep breath, but his nervousness stayed. He was frozen with stage fright.

Brian Startare said that his son was a fun-loving kid, but performing solo on stage in front of everyone was still a little tough, especially for a 9-year-old.

After a moment, Braydon took a seat on the stage, his nervousness still persisting. It didn’t seem like any kind of encouragement would be enough to get Braydon to begin his comedy routine.

In an interview with PHL 17, Brian commented that his son’s decision to sit down on the stage was a good move.

Brian asked his son what he was feeling that day, and the nine-year-old said he was feeling embarrassed.

The father was watching from the side, and he recalled saying, “You got this Bray! You got this Bray,” according to the interview.

Brian decided he would join his son on stage, maybe as a form of encouragement. He said to PHL 17 that he didn’t want to see his son struggle by himself.

“I kind of got caught between the fact that I didn’t want to step in and take away from him…but at the same point I didn’t want to see him struggle out there,” he said.

Brian was a media personality himself as an announcer—so he was no stranger to the mic.

He shared a hug on stage with his son and decided to help deliver the jokes as a duo.

“We’re going to do this together,” Brian said as he shared the stage with his son.

He would tell the joke, and his son would deliver the punch lines. Braydon’s confidence was restored with each joke, and the whole performance sent the audience into fits of laughter.

“When I got finished I got a little emotional because I felt so overwhelmed for him. It’s a moment we will always have,” Brian said. “I hope … I instilled some trust with him that he knows that I’m going to be there for him, as all fathers should.”

Brian posted the video on Twitter, saying that he was very proud of his son.

“My son prepared for his comedy skit for his talent show but was just a bit nervous on stage l. I’ve been there before so I lended a hand. So very proud of him to pull through. He delivered !!! A great gift for Father’s Day,” he wrote.

He wrote the post on Jun. 17, 2018, which happened to be Father’s Day, so he added the hashtag: “fathersday2018.”

“I think afterwards, we started hanging out more, because you thought I was really cool now,” Brian said, and in reply, his son called him the best dad in the world.

People commented on the tweet and called him a great father to assist a star on stage, referring to his son.

Matt Alba, a reporter for the PHL 17, said Brian told him there was no winner to the talent show, but the father-and-son comedy skit managed to win the hearts of the audience, according to his tweet.

“[Brian Startare] tells me there were no “winners” of the talent show…but I think it’s safe to say they won the hearts of every parent in the crowd! Brian jumped on stage to help his 9-year-old son Braydon after he got stage fright in his school talent show,” he wrote.

After the performance, the father and son shared a hug, and it said it all.

Epoch Times reporter Paula Liu contributed to this report.