7+ crazy inventions for the (laziest) people

Erik Rusch
By Erik Rusch
February 11, 2017Entertainment
7+ crazy inventions for the (laziest) people

As if life isn’t exhausting enough, there’s something called household or work … Luckily there are also clever engineers, inventing things to make life easier. We wont judge if these inventions are meaningful or actually any good — But we will present them to you.

Whether you are physically restricted or if you want to make life a little more comfortable, these inventions will help you put on your socks, clean your room, mix your coffee, twirl your spaghetti and so on.

#1 — Sock Helper

Invented to help the elderly in first place, sales quickly rose as young people discovered this very simple invention. This should be especially helpful for those with arthritis and just as helpful to those too lazy to reach down to their feet.


#2, #3, #4 Motorized Kitchen Gadgets

Well, not everyone may need a self stirring coffee mug, but this mug can swirl your tea or any other (non-alcoholic) beverage just as good.


The next two crazy inventions might have been created for kids, but they’re not only for kids. Engineers may also find interest in and optimize the first one — a rotating spaghetti fork — by replacing the asymmetric fork rake with a more centered one and perhaps adding a speed-control-button.

A speed-control button could also be added to the motorized ice cream one so one would not have to wait for the automatic rotation. But with both inventions, speeding things up could produce colorful results on the operator …



#5 — The Baby-Mop

Why clean up after your baby when he can do it himself? Babies love crawling on the ground and it’ll be a fun new game for your little one. Just put your newest addition to the family in this romper suit and let him mop up the floor.


#6 — Self-tying Shoes

Introduced in the film Back to the Future they don’t need any further description except: Yes, they are real!

#7 — The Segway

Probably the priciest invention in this series, it might scare someone from purchasing one. But trust me, once you get it right — after five to ten minutes and two spectacular fails — it’s great fun to drive. And there’s an off-road version as well, for the extra adventurous ones out there.


So if your are lazy, don’t be ashamed! There are plenty of inventions to help yourself.

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