7 Fatal Weapons That Were Prohibited In Global Warfare Due To Extreme Inhumanity

By Tieu
November 23, 2016Entertainment
7 Fatal Weapons That Were Prohibited In Global Warfare Due To Extreme Inhumanity

“The pain of war cannot exceed the woe of the aftermath.” – Led Zepplin

Whenever I think about war, my mind strikes to the blood of the innocent victims showered on the soil. The bloody rivers formed in the aftermath. In a war, no one wins. But, still, we fight for our dignity, for our land, for our family. However, sometimes you lose even when you win as even success is ephemeral. Some wounds are permanent and pain in those wounds remains in our hearts till eternity.

Weapons used in wars cause so much destruction that even belligerent countries who always disagree with each other, have decided to ban them from use.

1. Mustard Gas.

1. Mustard Gas.

Sulfur mustard, which is commonly known as mustard gas is a colorless oily liquid which is used during WWI. This chemical weapons causes severe irritation and fill the enemies lungs with water which makes the victim drown from the inside.

2. Nerve Gas.

2. Nerve Gas.
Nerve gas is one of the highly toxic fumes which destroys nervous systems. Blisters, spasms, and internal bleeding all occur when nerve gas is released.

3. Phosgene Gas

3. Phosgene Gas
Phosgene gas caused 85% of chemical fatalities during the WWI. It is an odorless and colorless gas that causes the destruction of the lungs; it damages essential proteins that allow them to exchange oxygen.

4. Pepper Spray.

4. Pepper Spray.

Pepper Spray which is now available to the public and is one of the powerful self-defense aids of today’s woman is still banned in war.

5. Plastic Landmine.


Plastic landmines are no more dangerous than the metal mines, but their composition makes them harder to detect. The plastic pieces are undetectable by any machine, and it can’t be x-rayed. If someone has plastic stuck in them, the doctors could not identify it correctly.

6. Spike Pits.

6. Spike Pits.
These dark hidden ditches had toxic spikes at the bottom and were also smeared with fecal matter to cause toxic shock in the victims.

7. Bat Bombs.

7. Bat Bombs.
The U.S. has planned to mount bats with napalm-like explosive in the hope of exploding and burning of Japanese homes and towns. But eventually, this American concept was failed and never actually used.

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