7 Stretches to Help You Grow Taller Naturally

Do you always dream of growing taller? Whether you are still within the developing age or you’re past the age of 25, we’ll show you these effective and simple exercises that can help your body reach it’s maximum potential height.

Did you know you can still grow taller after the age of 25?

Even though genetics amounts to 60-80% of your height, but the other 20% has to do with other factors such as your diet, lifestyle and exercises. You can actually still gain 1-2 inches by doing exercises and stretches that’ll help to straighten your posture and elongate your body.

Here are a list of simple exercises you can do daily that’ll help to increase your height:

● The wall angel – strengthens back and shoulder muscles
● The Y stretch – opens thoracic spine, straightens shoulder muscles
● Downward dog – this stretch strengthens and lengthens your body
● Childs pose – stretches the back muscles
● Shoulder stretch – fix the muscles that caused slouching and round shoulders
● Hip flexor stretch – improves flexibility and lengthens muscles
● Toe lift – helps muscles stretch and elongates the body

For more information and detailed directions, watch our full video: 7 Stretches to grow taller & improve posture+BONUS TIPS!  

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