Bear Breaks Into Colorado Home, Then Smashes Through Wall to Escape Police

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A hungry bear that broke into a Colorado home at night made a daring escape from police, smashing a hole in the wall to force his way out of the home.

Police in Estes Park, a town at the base of the Rocky Mountains, said the bear was probably attracted by the scent of garbage.

But rather than risk being taken into custody, the animal decided to fight its way out.

“Upon officer’s arrival, said bear forcibly breached a hole in the wall like the ‘Kool-Aid Man’ and made its escape,” police said in a Facebook post, alongside photos of a bear-shaped hole in the wall of the house. Kool-Aid commercials famously feature the drink brand’s ‘Kool-Aid Man’ mascot bursting through walls.

Colorado is home to thousands of black bears, which frequently enter cars and homes in search of food.

The state’s Parks and Wildlife department urged residents to lock their windows and doors and make daily checks to prevent encounters.

The smash and grab isn’t the first time a creature in Colorado has “skirted the law” in search of a meal.

Last month, a bear was caught on camera trying to break into a dumpster behind a cannabis shop in the state—before deciding to steal the whole thing instead.

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Falling Bear Destroys Patrol Car

They probably don’t train people for this at the Sheriff’s Academy.

A patrol car was struck by a falling bear in Northern California.

Authorities say a Humboldt County sheriff’s deputy was driving on State Route 96 on Aug. 3, answering a report of a drug overdose in the community of Orleans, when the bear fell or jumped onto the car, apparently from a steep embankment.

The bear smashed the hood and windshield. The patrol car hit an embankment, rolled onto its side and burst into flames.

The deputy managed to escape without serious injury.

The fire was contained to about half an acre but the car was gutted.

However, the California Department of Transportation stated: “Don’t worry, the bear also fled the scene.”

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