A Family Improves Together Through Meditation

What’s the secret of raising good children and having a harmonious family life? For the Campbells family from St. Louis, the answer is simple: an ancient meditation method from China. In the past, Rick Campbell always hoped to find inner purity and happiness for himself and his family.

He used to dive into the many teachings out there in religious studies. But “just the way it is right now, none of them had that purity anymore,” he said. When he came across a traditional spiritual discipline called Falun Dafa in a Youtube video and began to look into it, he immediately realized that this was something different.

“It’s a very high-level teaching,” he said, “Just the purity of it and the truth of it.”

The teachings focus on three principles: Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance. Campbell said he is amazed that the teachings are able to explain such profound concepts in such an easily understood way.

“It’s just a real sincere teaching,” he said, “Master Li just brought it out so that it’s not like it’s two thousand and three thousand years ago or it’s really hard to get to the root or the substance.”

He said he’s experienced many changes since taking up the practice. He faces many challenges at work, but even in the highly competitive corporate environment, Falun Dafa’s teachings enable him to maintain emotional equilibrium whenever he starts to feel tense.

“I just try to have a good sense of humor about it or try to create a joke out of it,” he said, “just so it doesn’t escalate into something more serious. This helps to create a lot more peace.”

Weam Campbell said she used to think she was a pretty good person, but learning Falun Data let her know just how good she could be. Tthe practice also brought health benefits that she wasn’t expecting.

“The kids and I would wake up in the morning and do it (the exercises) together,” she said, “Every time I was doing the second exercise, I would feel this weird vibration of energy. Just like… with the same arm, it just comes every single time when I changes position. ”

“And before I know it, all the pains I had with my arms and my wrist was all gone,” she said. The teachings of Falun Dafa also helped her kids develop good character, she said. This is especially important when many children are allowed to be intolerant of others.

“These days many of the kids are taught that if someone did something to you, you need to go back and do that to them too,” she said, “So it’s really good for our kids to know from this young age to know that that’s not right. That’s not how we are taught to do.”

Campbell says he feels grateful to be able to learn this spiritual practice that helps him become a better person from Mr. Li Hongzhi. “I really want to thank him for spreading the teachings,” he said, “Especially in the west, we are really hurting without him.”