‘A Good Cop’–Episode 5: Down the Rabbit Hole

Elizabeth discovers police work is not easy. Jaylen finds spending time with Sammy is not all fun. Frankie decides to take a bigger risk to protect his family.

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A Good Cop

NTD’s original drama series “A Good Cop” follows the lives of three police officers at different stages of their careers and the moral dilemmas they face on a daily basis.

Rookie Elizabeth Fox joins the police force against the wishes of her anti-police protester boyfriend, convinced she can change the system from within. Tough “straight shooter” officer Jaylen Daniels is transferred to the Internal Affairs Bureau where his new job is to police the police. Captain Frankie Romano comes across a laptop loaded with secrets and faces the biggest decision of his career: expose the corruption or jeopardize his family’s safety.

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is the largest police force in the United States with 36,000 uniformed officers. Many TV shows and movies have been made about the NYPD, but “A Good Cop” brings police drama into the current climate and asks the question: What should policing look like?