A Man Won $100,000 in the Lottery Two Weeks After Winning $5,000

A North Carolina man who won $5,000 with a scratch-off lottery ticket said he was “extremely happy and surprised” to learn he’d won another $100,000 just two weeks later.

Henry Harvey II, a store manager from Spring Lake, won the second prize after buying a $25 Extreme Cash ticket. He bought it from the same Circle K store where he bought the $5,000-winning ticket two weeks earlier for $10.

“It was a shock,” Harvey told lottery officials. “Still is!”

Harvey took home $70,757 after federal and state taxes. He said he planned to “stick it in the bank.”

Winning the lottery twice happens more often than you might think.

Last month, a man from Littleton, North Carolina, won a million-dollar prize for a second time within the past year. Earlier this year, a woman in Idaho won a $300,000 lottery prize, then a $200,000 prize the next day.

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