A New Guinness World Record for Most Pizzas Made

Hundreds of pizza chefs were working hard Buenos Aires.

They were looking to break the latest Guinness World Records for the most pizzas in 12 hours.

“One of Italy’s records is with 10,065 pizzas. Today we are going for 11,000 pizzas in 12 hours. We started at 8 in the morning with the first pizza but yesterday we started bringing everything together for the event and we’re going to also try for 8,000 empanadas in 8 hours,” said president of the Argentine Pizza Federation, Manuel Camargo.

Camargo went on to say that the chefs had prepared, “3,000 kilos of flower, 3,000 kilos of mozzarella, we are using 1,100 litres of tomato sauce, 150 litres of oil, 88,000 olives. It’s going to be a great event and around 8 p.m. at night is the time that we have to make it into the Guinness World Record.”

And they made it, Guinness confirmed they were the new record holder later in the day on Sunday, Nov. 11.

Don’t worry about wastage, as the pizzas will be sold, and the money made will go to local charities.