Absolutely adorable cat and dog love story, and an equally innocent villain!

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January 20, 2017Stories
Absolutely adorable cat and dog love story, and an equally innocent villain!

We have all heard of dogs chasing cats, but that is certainly not out of love. Wait till you read this adorable cat-dog love story, where the owners had to give in to make room for the romance to blossom!

Three times in a day, every day, for nearly a year, the dog would come to the window to have a glimpse of his beloved cat, who lived across the street.

Reddit user "Garret_N" has a dog who would spend hours every day staring longingly out the front window.

Quite obviously, the love was equally reciprocated, as she too would perch on the front window sill of her own home, without fail.

The dog owner is a Reddit user “Garret_N,” who noticed that he spent hours every day staring longingly out of the front window.


But then, the villain enters the scene…

The cat’s owner blocks their view by placing  house plants on the window sill. Well, not actually a villain, as he had not noticed the love story blossoming.

The dog was terribly upset and the dog-owner noticed him brooding and growing sadder by the day. He was obviously completely heartbroken. The owner could not bear to see him this way and finally decided to help break this barrier between the two lovers.

One day, the dog was heartbroken when the cat
(Source: Lai-Chung Poon Gardens) 

She taped a handwritten note on the window of the cat’s owner, explaining the situation:

The dog
Thankfully for the lovers, the cat’s owner understood. He responded immediately, taking the barrier off between the two.  He wrote another note for the dog-owner to see – which read “All for Love.”

...And it worked! The catReddit

We never know what everyone’s heart aspire for, but if we try to be considerate and compassionate to all living beings around us it will definitely make this world an amazing place!
Much love to all!