Actor Tom Arnold Responds to Trump Tweet: Referencing Kennedy Assassination

By Samuel Allegri

Actor Tom Arnold responded to a President Donald Trump tweet post apparently relating JFK’s assassination to his visit to Dallas.

Trump posted on Twitter a video of the big crowd of people that were waiting for him in Dallas, Texas, along with a text: “Just arrived at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. Will be out shortly as we wait for more of you to get in! #TRUMP2020.”

Arnold responded on the President’s tweet post, citing former President John F. Kennedy.

Trump speaks at rally
President Donald Trump speaks during a “Keep America Great” Campaign Rally at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas on Oct. 17, 2019. (Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

“Don’t get too cocky traitor. They showed up for JFK too,” wrote Arnold.

Kennedy, who was a very popular president during the height of the cold war, was fatally shot in November of 1963 as he was passing through Dallas in his motorcade.
That JFK tweet from Arnold has been taken down by Twitter and replaced with a disclaimer that it violated the social media platform rules.

Arnold’s fixation with Donald Trump was one of the reasons why his marriage ended, along with his drug addiction, claimed his estranged wife.

In April of 2019, Tom Arnold’s estranged wife Ashley Groussman Arnold filed documents, asking the court to grant child custody and support, as well as spousal support for herself reported The Blast.

According to the outlet, Ashley rented a different dwelling during the proceedings for the divorce, and says that “Tom’s communications with me throughout these dissolution proceedings have been hostile and accusatory.”

“I had hoped that things would cool down after I moved out, but that has not been the case,” said Ashley, adding that they agreed to attempt going to co-parenting sessions, but Tom was “irrational and crazy during the sessions, which proved to be worthless as Tom did the exact opposite of everything we discussed during our sessions.”

Ashley also alleged that the actor “admitted that he had been using phentermine and Ambien,” according to The Blast.

She thinks that Arnold’s obsession with the current president and the alleged “Trump tapes” contributed to the failure of their marriage.

“Tom’s fixation on ‘taking down’ Donald Trump was an ongoing issue in our marriage,” she said, “For the past two years it has consumed his life and presented numerous safety issues for our family.”

Arnold has seemingly threatened Trump in the past.

Secret Service Visits Tom Arnold After Threats Made Against Trump

Secret Service agents visited ardent President Donald Trump critic Tom Arnold after he posted a threat against the president.

Arnold, 59, sent a video to the openly left Mother Jones publication that showed him speaking with agents inside his Los Angeles home. He said the video was recorded on Oct. 25.

“We’re not the First Amendment police,” one agent says in the clip. “You’re free to say whatever you want … [but] once a certain line is crossed … what we’re concerned with a lot too is the type of audience it could reach, that it could incite somebody.”

Arnold said he did see a reaction to his threat from some people, and he understood why the agents were visiting him.

“I did see a crazy reaction to it from people. I get a lot of death threats. There’s a certain element—I don’t know if they’re bots—I just ignore it … But I also see how they take something, and they blow it up like, ‘He is literally threatening to,'” Arnold said.

“And I find that absurd, but I can see how obviously if people are tweeting … they can call you guys and have you come over. That’s ridiculous, but I understand why you’re here.”

(L-R) Commentator Rush Limbaugh, President Donald Trump, and singer Lee Greenwood at a Make America Great Again rally in Cape Girardeau, Mo., on Nov. 5, 2018. (Hu Chen/The Epoch Times)

The Epoch Times reporter Zachary Steiber contributed to this report.