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NTD is a news and entertainment website owned by Epoch Media Group, a global media organization. As genuinely independent media, we deliver news, as well as educate and promote culture through truthful and engaging content. Reaching over 300 million people worldwide, we operate in 35 countries with 21 languages online, and in 12 languages in print. Our media distribution channels are truly cross-platform, including a television network, several newspapers and magazines, 40 owned-and-operated websites and powerful social media. Our flagship brands include NTD Television and Epoch Times.

There’s a reason we’re growing. Who we are and what we stand for resonates with audiences the world over. Epoch Media Group represents the values that you want to align your brand with: quality, integrity, reliability, and trust—all essential to success in a complex marketplace.

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Global Reach

Bridging geography and language, Epoch Media Group spans 5 continents, 35 countries, and 21 languages around the world.

Premier Access to Vibrant Local Communities

Our network of local newspapers and their associated websites and digital products, as well as television, provide extensive reach to a variety of vibrant and prosperous communities across the world. Our English platform serves the US, Canada, UK and Australian markets while our international platform serves other locations in more than 35 countries and in 21 languages.

Premier Access to the Chinese Market

Whether it be in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, or Mainland China, Epoch Media Group is the premier brand to reach the Chinese market, one of the most coveted of audiences today.

Cutting Edge Digital Technology

The Epoch Digital Network, the digital arm of Epoch Media Group, is one of the most advanced digital advertising platforms in the media space today. We offer behavioral targeting, audience extension, and digital content marketing solutions, and much more. Innovation both in terms of advertising and marketing is at heart of what we do.

Integrity Without Compromise

Global and multinational corporations long to align themselves with media brands that match their values. The foundation of Epoch Media Group is based on a level of integrity that is unmatched and without compromise.

Award-Winning Talent

The Epoch Media Group has been recognized by prestigious press organizations including the Society of Professional Journalists, the New York Press Association, and the Asian American Journalists Association. Our editorial, marketing and creative staff are some of the brightest in the industry.