Afghan Interpreters Face Desperation; Memories of Saigon; Song to Inspire Veterans

Amid the chaos, evacuations in Afghanistan continue. While we hope for the best, there’s grave concern about who’ll be left behind. Former interpreter Ahmadullah Sediqi shares about the grim reality facing thousands of Afghans like himself.

In America Q&A, we find out if people are worried about inflation.

In 1975, Saigon and South Vietnam fell in dramatic fashion. Today, scenes of Afghans desperately trying to get out of Kabul feel like 1975 all over again. War correspondent Ronald E. Yates was in Vietnam. As he recalls the last days of the war, he tells us what’s the same and what’s not.

In our second America Q&A, we ask if it would be a good idea to require a mental health test to own a gun.

Finally, this is a tough time for veterans, especially those who served in Afghanistan. So, we bring some hope. Our special guest Takosha M. Swan wrote “The Veteran Anthem” for people like them for a time such as this.

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