After Trying Everything, Mother Cures Daughter’s Painful Eczema Overnight With Organic Oil

By Paula Liu

An Australian woman had tried everything to cure her daughter’s painful skin inflammation, but nothing worked until she came across an organic oil that had some success stories online.

Kerry Caruana’s daughter, Eden Caruana, suffered from a severe case of eczema from the time she was merely seven weeks old, according to Daily Mail. No matter what kind of solution she tried on her daughter over the months, it never worked.

“Eden had patches on her chest, back and face and her face gets pretty bad,” Caruana told Daily Mail. “One day her face was so bad that it looked like sunburn.”

'Within 45 minutes the redness had decreased'

Posted by Daily Mail Australia on Saturday, April 13, 2019

One day, Caruana started reading online about EcoTan’s Glory Oil. According to the website, one of the benefits of the oil was soothing skin conditions, much like Eden’s eczema.

Caruana told the Daily Mail that her daughter suffered a lot because of her skin problems, and the patches of her daughter’s skin would get really painful and inflamed.

“It was extremely red, hot, and so sore for her and she kept pointing to her face and saying ‘owie,'” Caruana said. “It was so hard seeing her in pain like that and pointing to it all the time while crying.”

The Australian mother told the Daily Mail that she tried natural brands of face cream, as well as homemade remedies like oatmeal baths, but none of them lasted long enough to make a difference.

Caruana mentioned one particular treatment that was specifically made to treat eczema, but it caused more pain than before. She said her daughter “screamed when it touched her skin so I took it straight off with some water.”

Caruana also sought out doctors and professionals, but the treatment didn’t help much. She said they kept saying that the skin problem would probably go away when her daughter grew older and to continue using topical steroids.

Fortunately, at that time, Caruana was already using some of the products by EcoTan, and one of them was the Glory Oil, which she told Daily Mail was her favorite product. However, she never thought to use it on her daughter until she read some success stories online from people who also had eczema.

“I put [the Glory Oil] on her and she didn’t scream,” Caruana said. “She smiled at me and gave me a look like when you put something cooling on a sunburn.”

To her astonishment, the Glory Oil soothed her daughter’s eczema almost immediately and practically cured it overnight.

“Within 30-45 minutes, the redness had significantly decreased and by the next morning, there was only a small pale area of eczema left.”

Caruana told the Daily Mail that the oil keeps her daughter’s eczema at bay for days, and she only has to apply the oil on her daughter’s skin three times a week.

According to Australia Newsly, whenever Caruana’s daughter felt like her skin was getting sore, she would tell her mother, “face, face” while pointing to the oil. Caruana also said her daughter’s skin inflammation has continued to get better over time.

The Australian mother told Daily Mail that parents of children with skin irritation may find the Glory Oil helpful. She said that even if it didn’t work for the child’s skin irritation, the parents themselves could use it for their nighttime skincare routine.

According to both Daily Mail and Australia Newsly, Caruana wasn’t the first person to praise the Glory Oil for its amazing results, as many Australians have also had great success. According to its product page, the oil contains a blend of super seed oils—Inca Inchi, acai, and pumpkin—as well as other organic oils from chia seeds and grape seeds.