Air Force Reactivates Unit Over China Threat

Seven democratic powers invited India and South Africa to this week’s G-7 summit. The move sought to strengthen the West’s front against China and Russia, but the result may not be so clear-cut.

One G-7 member nation in particular remains deeply involved in China’s Belt and Road Initiative. For now, its next move remains to be seen.

China is pushing for the largest military build-up in history, and the head of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command is ringing alarm bells over it.

The U.S. Air Force is on the move in response to advanced fighter jets that China has developed.

One South Pacific island nation says it’s standing by Taiwan. It withdrew from a United Nations Conference in protest of China’s threat to the island.

And another country takes a similar stance, recognizing Taiwan as the only China.

Topics in this episode:

  1. G7 Looks to Expand its Front Against Beijing, Moscow
  2. Africa Welcomes G7 Infrastructure Proposal
  3. Italy’s Position: Stuck Between the G7 and China
  4. Largest Chinese Military Buildup: Aquilino
  5. Air Force Reactivates Unit Over China Threat
  6. Biggest Overhaul for Nato Since the Cold War
  7. U.S., Japan Hail ‘Close Cooperative Relationship’
  8. Tuvalu Exits U.N. Conference After Taiwan Blocked
  9. Guatemala Recognizes Taiwan as the Only China
  10. Brownback: Communist Regimes Try to Kill Faith
  11. Hong Kongers Reflect on Exile Life in Taiwan
  12. Sydney Protesters Interrupt Chinese Envoy’s Speech

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