The amazing wind-proof, inside-out umbrella you’ve been dreaming of

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January 10, 2017Style
The amazing wind-proof, inside-out umbrella you’ve been dreaming of
Don’t you hate it when the wind blows your umbrella inside out? Not a problem with the KAZbrella. That’s actually how it’s supposed to be, which is quite unusual for an umbrella. This design comes from KAZ Designs, which recently wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign. Is an inside-out umbrella better, though?

The KAZbrella folds upward to close, so the top of the umbrella is on the inside of the collapsed shape. It actually looks like any other umbrella when it’s closed, but the designers say it’s considerably more convenient than a traditional umbrella. For one, it won’t drip all over the place when you close it after use. Because the wet surface is on the inside, all the water pools inside and you can flip it over to pour it out rather than let it drip all over as with a regular umbrella.


Opening a KAZbrella is also allegedly less annoying and dangerous for those around you. A regular umbrella swings upward when it opens, meaning it will basically smack anything or anyone within a few feet.


The KAZbrella swings down from over your head, so it won’t hit anything in the process. And should a strong gust of wind blow it “inside-out,” that’s no problem because it’s not technically inside-out for the KAZbrella. You can click the deployment button again and it snaps back into place. The double-spoke design should make it harder to blow open anyway.