Amazon Pulls Kindle out of Chinese Market

Foreign companies are leaving China. Now, Amazon has joined the trend, as Apple shifts iPad production from China to Vietnam.

Is Shanghai easing lockdowns? Residents in one community enjoyed restricted freedom for just two days, before getting ordered back inside.

Chinese military planes get dangerously close to a Canadian aircraft on a United Nations mission. Canada says its patrol flight was forced to change course to avoid a collision.

The world’s largest war exercise is set to begin this month, with 26 countries participating. It’s part of efforts to counter Chinese aggression.

Millions of Chinese college graduates say they can’t find jobs. The country’s unemployment rate is getting serious, spurred on by extended lockdowns.

Topics in this episode:
1. iPad Production Heads to Vietnam, Out of China
2. Shanghai Community Faces New Shutdown Bubble
3. Resident: Possible COVID-19 Coverup in Shanghai
4. Rubio: Nominees Agree to Not Invest in China
5. Company Suing China-Seller of Test Kits
6. Canada: CCP ‘Buzzes’ Aircraft Over N. Korea Mission
7. U.S. Announces Pacific Rim Naval Exercises
8. Swaths of Chinese Graduates Facing Unemployment
9. China Mission Probes Alleged Xinjiang Abuses
10. Nuclear Envoys Meet Over N. Korea Tensions
11. Taiwanese Learn to Shoot Amid China Threat
12. U.S., Taiwan Announce New Trade Initiative
13. Photos Show Chinese Aircraft Carrier Near Completion
14. Chinese Nuclear-Armed Submarines off U.S. Coast?

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