America Is Talking (Nov. 10): Election Legal Battles; Philadelphia Poll-Watcher Speaks Out
America Is TalkingCindy Drukier

In this episode of America Is Talking, we talk to Zack Smith, legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, and Audrey Perry Martin, Republican National Lawyers Association vice president for communications, to get an update on election-related legal battles.

Legal cases and complaints alleging various types of voter fraud are mounting in key swing states, particularly in Michigan and Pennsylvania. In addition, yesterday Attorney General William Barr authorized federal prosecutors across the country to “pursue substantial allegations” of voting irregularities.

Senate Democrats reacted strongly against the move. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer described the lawsuits filed by the trump campaign as “frivolous” and “unsubstantiated” and they allege Barr is attempting to interfere in the election process.

It’s still a long shot for President Trump to win this election. After being declared the winner in North Carolina today and assuming he takes Alaska, he’d still have to win three more states. There are pending results, recounts, complaints, or legal challenges currently going on in six states: Michigan and Pennsylvania as well as Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona.

We’ll talk to two lawyers to catch up on the current state legal affairs. Then we hear directly from a poll watcher about his observations at the Philadelphia Convention Center.

Then, Philadelphia poll-watcher Brian McCafferty gives us a first-hand account of what he saw at a ballot-counting center.