America Is Talking (Nov. 5): Election 2020 Update

In this episode of America Is Talking, we zoom in on what’s happening with this unprecedented election. In Wisconsin, democratic candidate Joe Biden has been declared the winner but the Trump campaign has requested a recount. Michigan has also been declared for Biden, and the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit there to halt vote counting until Republican observers are granted adequate access. There are also lawsuits in Pennsylvania and Georgia. And Thursday morning, in Nevada, team Trump filed another suit saying thousands of people who are dead or who aren’t residents cast ballots in the state, which has six electoral college votes.

We talk to Trey Grayson, former Kentucky Secretary of State and member of the National Council on Election Integrity; and Rob Richie, FairVote’s CEO and president, to discuss all the facets of vote integrity that this election bring ups.

After that, we’re joined by Democratic strategist Robin Biro and Epoch Times congressional correspondent Mark Tapscott to look at where things are at in the House and Senate races.

Then, Stock Swoosh CEO and founder Melissa Armo explains market reactions to election uncertainty.

Finally, to help us make sense of the ongoing legal challenges across several states we have Hans von Spakovsky, a former member of the Federal Election Commission and senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation; and Erin Elmore, executive director of USA Strong.