America Is Talking (Oct. 19): Energy Policies of the Next President; The New American Vote
America Is TalkingCindy Drukier

In this episode of America Is Talking, we take a look at energy policy and climate change—an area where the two presidential candidates differ significantly in approach. And with the 2020 vote already underway, we hear from a voting bloc that’s been growing — new Americans.

Energy policy, which is of course closely tied to the politics of climate change, is one area, among many, where the two presidential candidates differ significantly. President Trump’s policy positions focus on terms like traditional energy, growth and innovation, affordable energy prices, and energy independence. Candidate Biden’s policy positions focus on terms like sustainable infrastructure, clean energy revolution, environment justice, climate crisis. We talk to two policy experts to understand the implications of these policy alternatives: Dr. Takeshi Kuramochi, a climate policy researcher for the NewClimate Institute; and Charles Hernick, vice president of policy and advocacy at the Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) Forum. We also hear from Adam Houser, national director of collegians for CFACT, who tells us what students are thinking on college campuses about the energy debate.

In the second half of the show, we talk about the new American vote with Mario Lopez, president of the Hispanic Leadership Fund. Then, a panel of naturalized citizens discuss how they feel about being American.

Finally, we check in with Epoch Times host Roman Balmakov who went to the key swing state of North Carolina to hear what locals think as we head into the final stretch of this election.