American Elites Selling Out to China: Report

“The CCP [Chinese Communist Party] government has a strategy when confronting the United States,” said Peter Schweizer, author of “Red-Handed” and president of the Government Accountability Institute.

The United States loses $200 billion to $600 billion each year to China through intellectual property theft.

But how is it happening? With a little help from friends on the inside.

“Made in China” labels flood the market, from everyday items to toys, to industrial tools. And now, even some policies here in America are being shaped by the communist regime.

In this special report, we peel back the layers on how the complicit actions of American elites have helped China gain an edge.

Joining us to shed light on this topic are Peter Schweizer; Ross Kennedy, founder of Fortis Analysis; and Kevin Roberts, president of the Heritage Foundation.

Topics in this episode:

China, Russia to Expand Cooperation

British, Russian Foreign Ministers Visit India

Ukraine: Chinese-made Drones Aiding Russian Invasion

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