American Tourists Complain After Paying $935 for Beers, Calamari, Salads

By Jack Phillips

Several tourists became incensed after they were charged $935 for what they said was calamari, tomato juice, and six bottles of beer.

They claimed that they were charged $661 for six plates of calamari, $167 for six beers, $20 for a glass of tomato juice, $20 for two bottles of water, and $66 for three Caesar salad appetizers with chicken, the Daily Mail reported.

The tourists went to the DK Oyster restaurant in Mykonos, Greece. According to the Daily Mail, the restaurant refused to show their party a menu or show them prices before giving them their final tab.

Francisco Tajeda, 38, a U.S. Army soldier, warned other tourists to stay away from DK Oyster.

“This place is a ripoff, look at the picture I posted,” he said.

“Avoid this place, this place is a trap,” he wrote on TripAdvisor. “They charged us 830 euros for calamari, 6 beers and 3 salads. The staff is not honest and refuse to provide a menu and prices.”

Tajeda then offered a warning: “Avoid this place at all costs! No pun intended.”

DK’s owner, Dimitris Kalamaras, said that the area around the restaurant is luxurious, so the prices reflect that.

“We regret the language of the person who posted this photo. Indeed, the prices are correct,” he told the Daily Mail. “Although we feel that they reflect the level of our efforts, care and the quality of the food served in one of the world’s most coveted beaches, we can sympathize with an unsatisfied customer.”

But he said that to describe his establishment as a “trap is not fair.”

“Why is a luxury hotel allowed to charge 200-500 euros per night and nobody compares it to a room to let? Why does a customer of a small retailer pay for a jacket 50.00 euros and others charge up to thousands? Are we all criminals, thieves, bad people?” he asked.

The manager added, “I want to tell you from my heart that we value our customers, and we have carefully accounted for the cost in order to produce a product which we consider to be value for money.”

Then Kalamaras offered a word of advice to Tajeda.

“If you can’t afford them, in order to avoid any bitterness, just opt for the special combo menu – which may not be the most satisfying option, but allows a small glimpse for those who cannot afford the experience,” he said.

Tajeda, however, told the news outlet that a waitress told them that the price of the calamari is contingent on how much the chef makes.

He said she didn’t return until the check was placed on their table.

“When the bill came I was like this is ridiculous, why an earth are we being charged this much?’” he said.

He added, “The beer we couldn’t complain about too much, I’ve traveled a lot and sometimes beers can be expensive. But $600 for calamari we just couldn’t understand – it was unbelievable.”

Ultimately, Tajeda and his group paid the bill because they didn’t want any trouble.