Americans Order Thanksgiving Dinner to Go

The pandemic has changed many Americans’ Thanksgiving plans, but dinner is still on. Southern California restaurant Socalo is offering to-go meals. Socalo is a casual Mexican restaurant in the beachside California neighborhood of Santa Monica.

Chef Susan Feniger is offering a full Thanksgiving meal ready to heat and eat on Thursday: “That’s the trick with being able to take food from the restaurant and then reheat it without overcooking it, having it still taste really delicious. That’s the trick with to-go.”

Samuel Bass, 43, originally planned to spend Thanksgiving with friends, but rising case numbers and hospitalizations changed his mind.

Azusa Kuwashima, 33, would normally travel to see family for Thanksgiving. But she welcomed the option of a meal just for two.

In addition to white and dark turkey meat, the kits contain gravy and Mexican-inspired side dishes like cranberry salsa, roasted yams with lime and honey, and fingerling potatoes with chimichurri sauce.

They cost $40 and serve two people.

Feniger said the restaurant has sold between 50 and 60 Thanksgiving kits. One of her other restaurants, Border Grill in downtown Los Angeles, is also delivering 1,700 Thanksgiving meals for the elderly, homeless, and food insecure.