An Arctic Blast Is Bringing a Week of Below Freezing Temperatures to Parts of the Eastern US

By Web Staff

Winter is coming to the East Coast for the next week.

The next five to seven days are going to bring unseasonably cold temperatures to the eastern two-thirds of the U.S., CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam said.

The cold front could bring below freezing temperatures to some places.

The cold was already descending on New York early Friday morning, with wind chill expected to bring temperatures down to the upper teens to mid-20s, according to the National Weather Service. Wind gusts in Boston are reaching 25 to 35 mph and will bring temperatures to the 20s as well, the NWS said.

Snow flurries are also expected for the downwind parts of the Great Lakes Friday, Van Dam said, adding that those flurries will be at the Northern Great Lakes Saturday.

“The Great Lakes are no longer ice covered, so here comes the Lake Effect snow again,” the National Weather Service said.

AccuWeather Releases Forecast for 2020 Winter Across US

Private weather forecasting website AccuWeather released its 2019-2020 winter predictions for the lower 48 states.

The long-range forecast includes “an active winter season will get underway for the northeastern United States.”

“Despite a few cold spells across the Northeast during autumn, winter’s chill won’t arrive until at least the end of 2019,” AccuWeather predicted about the Northeast. It added that above-normal snowfall could hit from New York City to Boston.

But the “Southeast, however, is more likely to be targeted by rain than wintry weather,” AccuWeather stated. It noted that the region could get a winter storm during winter.

There will also be enough snowfall in the mountains of California during the upcoming season that will help the state’s drought conditions during the spring, it said.

Winter Mammoth Mountain
In this photo courtesy of Mammoth Mountain shows a winter storm sweeping in Mammoth Mountain, Calif., early on Feb. 3, 2019. (Peter Morning/Mammoth Mountain via AP)

“A normal season in terms of snowfall will also translate to decent ski conditions for resorts in California,” AccuWeather wrote, adding that in the Pacific Northwest, there will be drier conditions throughout the region

Across the Plains and Midwest, the “polar vortex” that hammered much of the East Coast will not return during the first portion of winter, AccuWeather said.

“The polar vortex is particularly strong this year, and that means that frigid air is likely to remain locked up over the polar region early in winter,” AccuWeather’s Paul Pastelok said on the website. AccuWeather’s map said there will be a “mid-winter Arctic cold” that inundates the upper Midwest.

He predicted near- to below-normal snowfall across the northern Plains and near- to above-normal amounts for the central Plains.

In the upper Midwest and Great Lakes region, “Residents will want to stock up on shovels, as an above-normal season for snowfall is in the offing,” AccuWeather wrote.

Meanwhile, the U.S. NOAA predicted that the entire United States will have warmer than average fall temperatures from October through December 2019.

Winter Weather
Ben Jennings snow blows his driveway in Glenville, N.Y., on Jan. 20, 2019. (Mary Esch/AP Photo)

Epoch Times reporter Jack Phillips and The CNN Wire contributed to this report.