An Educational Display of American Christmas Culture: The Dyker Heights

By Shiwen Rong

With Christmas around the corner, one activity that is a favorite with many families and friends is seeing the holiday lights.

The Dyker Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn is well known to glow bright with holiday cheer.

Houses are decorated with millions of lights, from angels to 25-foot tall toy soldiers to a two-story-tall Santa. This tradition started in the 80s.

For many residents, it’s a must see every year and a great chance to make more picture-perfect memories with loved ones.

“We come here every year, we’re locals…we take the same picture with this [Polizzotto] house, so we have it on Facebook, every time, every year, follow up,” said Mehmet Kara, a New York resident.

And for others, it’s about showing their children what American Christmas culture is all about.

“We came here specially to look at those lights, to experience the American Christmas and New Year vibe,” said Ms. Long from Brooklyn, “They grow up here in America, so we want them to feel the atmosphere from here [America] and learn from it.”

According to the bus tour company “A Slice of Brooklyn,” over 100,000 people visit this place each year.