Analyst Sees Bolshevik Strategies at Work in US

Protests and unrest plagued the United States this year, coupled with politicians offering promises to end what they call a climate emergency and systemic racism. Added to that, an election process now weighed down by court battles and media allegations.

National Security Analyst Kenneth Abramowitz compares what’s happening in the United States to how Vladimir Lenin and his party seized power in Russia during the Bolshevik revolution.

“They use the power of deception, aided by the media and social media, which are basically wings of the Democrat Party. The Bolsheviks had Pravda, which was a newspaper. Pravda means truth, it was actually full of lies. Today, our media and social media are full of lies. And they convinced the American population that Biden got 52 percent of the vote when he probably got closer to 45 percent,” said Abramowitz.

A number of major news networks cut away from President Donald Trump’s speech on election night. That’s when he asserted he had won, and suggested something suspicious happened with the vote. A GOP chairman also tweeted facts showing 9,000-some votes were incorrectly given to Biden. Yet Twitter flagged the post, attaching a statement describing voter fraud as rare.

Abramowitz pointed out the Bolsheviks were not the front-running party and only got 25 percent of the vote. Yet Lenin and his communist agents rose to power. He says the mainstream media convinced the public Biden received a majority of the vote.

“So, massive deception campaign and then massive voter fraud. Also, they learned from the Bolsheviks and aided by armed forces, Antifa and Black Lives Matter are basically the armed militia of the Democratic Party, and the Republican Party didn’t disarm them. Big mistake. And so similarly, the Bolsheviks created chaos with their armed militia and the Tsar should have put them all in jail. He didn’t,” said Abramowitz.

In August, Black Lives Matter protesters in Washington D.C. pressured a diner into raising her fist to show solidarity. Abramowitz says Maoist-style shaming and intimidation are inherent in Antifa and BLM—reflecting Chinese and Russian influence.

Lenin also made 3 unrealistic promises to the people to gain popularity. They were peace, land, and bread. But under Lenin’s leadership, the country fell into civil war, the government confiscated the land, and rationed the bread, killing about 5 million people. Abramowitz compares these ideas to the Green New Deal, Free College tuition, and violent movements claiming systemic racism.

“They’re their false narratives, and they’re not solvable by definition because you can’t solve the false narrative. And you can spend trillions and trillions and trillions and you’ll never get to the finish line of a false narrative. So they pick things, wonderful sounding things, but they’re actually immoral and unethical. Every single plan that they have,” said Abramowitz.

Abramowitz says Trump should criminalize Dominion voting systems and Smartmatic and make sure any easily-hacked systems, or systems with foreign parts, are blocked during U.S. elections.