‘Another Wake-Up Call’: Senator Calls for Details on Alleged Breach at Alaska Military Base

Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) is asking for more details about an alleged military base security breach.

He released a statement on Wednesday, calling new reports of suspected Chinese spies there another wakeup call, saying we’re in a new era of authoritarian aggression led by dictators in China and Russia.

His comment comes after a report by USA Today. Citing unnamed soldiers, the report said a vehicle with Chinese people blew past the security checkpoint of a military installation in Alaska. Soldiers stopped the vehicle and found a drone inside. The Chinese people in the vehicle alleged they were tourists that got lost.

NTD reached out to the Pentagon to confirm the incident.

Defense Department Spokesperson Sue Gough responded, saying in an email, “The possibility of intrusion or surveillance against our facilities is always a concern,” and that they work with local, State, and Federal law enforcement officials, plus allies and partners, to protect U.S. military bases.

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