Apple CEO Visits China Amid Rising Challenges; Japan Demands China Release Arrested National

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October 19, 2023China in Focus

Now let’s take a look at some brief updates:

Apple CEO Visits China Amid Rising Challenges

Apple CEO Tim Cook is on his second China visit of 2023.

He met with China’s commerce minister in Beijing on Wednesday.

The CEO has a simple goal: get back the “dividends of the Chinese market.” That’s as Apple’s sales outlook inside China faces scrutiny.

The Chinese market accounts for 19 percent of Apple’s revenue.

In other words: almost one out of every five dollars Apple earns comes from China.

But that might change this year.

Launched less than a month ago, the latest model of Apple’s flagship product—iPhone 15—is facing rising challenges in China and they come on top of a potential ban.

Reports from inside China say authorities have banned iPhone use for government officials at work. The rule is also said to extend to state-owned companies. Beijing denies the ban exists.

Apple’s share price dropped 5 percent after reports of it broke.

California Governor Newsom to Visit China

Besides the tech CEO, Beijing is gearing up to host another American visitor.

California governor Gavin Newsom is preparing to travel there.

His message to Beijing is simple: “The planet’s future depends on climate action in California and China.”

The week-long trip includes stops in Beijing, Shanghai, two Chinese provinces, and Hong Kong, but comes amid fraught US-China relations.

Mr. Newsom has said his focus is on climate and he wouldn’t interfere with President Biden’s China policy.

California has a long history of partnering with China built up by the late Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Japan Demands China Release Arrested National

Tokyo is pressing Beijing to free a detained Japanese executive, he’s an employee for Japanese drugmaker Astellas Pharma.

“We are strongly demanding his early release,” Hirokazu Matsuno, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary, said.

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary said Beijing formally arrested the man in mid-October. He lived in China for two decades and was detained in March this year on charges of alleged espionage.

China’s new espionage law took effect in July. It broadens the definition of espionage, prompting concern among foreign companies operating in China.

South Korea, Japan, US to Hold First Aerial Drill

South Korea, Japan, and the U.S. are set to hold their first joint aerial exercise near the Korean peninsula.

This move is part of their efforts to enhance cooperation against threats from North Korea and China.

The exercise will likely happen on Sunday and involve the B-52 bomber and fighter jets from all three countries.

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