Artificial Intelligence: Who Is Really in Control

On this episode of International Reporters Roundtable, we explore artificial intelligence. What exactly is it? Science fiction writers knew it was coming—they’ve been describing it for years, although they’ve been divided over whether it’s a blessing or a curse; helpful assistant or humankind’s doom.

Now suddenly, it’s in our hands. ChatGPT, the first open AI. It seems like everyone’s trying it out. Meanwhile, some pioneers of the technology say that we need to put on the brakes. Is there a real risk this is a runaway train? Or are they more worried about who’s in control?

Our guests help us unpack all of it: what fears are true and which are imagined? Can this technology really achieve sentience and what is the reality of regulation? How will the future unfold with this new leap in technological development?

Robert J. Marks II, professor of electrical engineering at Baylor University, author, and editor, gives us the fundamentals of AI technology. Rebekah Koffler, security analyst and Russia expert, updates us on AI global policy and military applications. Nathan Worcester, Epoch Times journalist specializing in politics and tech, aids us in understanding the narrative surrounding it.