Audience in North America Mesmerized by Shen Yun’s Beauty

Seven Shen Yun Performing Arts companies are touring simultaneously in North America and Europe, presenting traditional Chinese arts and culture to the modern stage.

In Canada, audience members were touched by the production and some were even brought to tears.

“It’s a show I’ve always wanted to come to watch. And it portrays clearly the great Chinese culture before communism. And I think it’s quite remarkable,” said Martin Dash, who saw Shen Yun in Vancouver, Canada.

“The pure craft and skill of all the performers is extraordinary,” said Michael Grunewaldt, director of Mignonne St. Lucia Ltd.

“We have been clapping and smiling and enjoying every moment of it,” said Maud Martinsen, who saw the performance with her daughter in Mississauga.

“It’s absolutely stunning. It’s elegant. The movements are fabulous and the acrobatics are just amazing to watch. It’s been a great education; enjoying the dance as well as the cultural aspect of it,” she added.

“This brought tears to my eyes as soon as I sat down and they opened the curtain, absolutely beautiful,” said Darlene Kranstz, an award-winning martial artist.

In the United States, audience members felt the same.

“Oh my gosh, it’s a … to say divine!” said Erica Rubalcaba, who saw Shen Yun with her mother in Houston, Texas. “The artistry and just precision is just amazing.”

“The theme of the whole program is just awe-inspiring. It really is,” added her mother, Lisa Ball.

“It’s out of this world,” said Brian Hyland, a singer.

Hyland saw Shen Yun in Stamford and said the music was “very uplifting” and that “the arrangement of the music, the orchestra was fantastic.”

Shen Yun’s mission goes deeper than just creating a beautiful display. The company aims to portray the traditional values of Chinese culture, such as benevolence, propriety, and respect for the divine.

“It just brings a sense of awe to this world that we live in, to be able to [take] that all in and see the beauty again,” said Kranstz. “It just makes you forget that there’s a whole lot of ugly out there and just enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.”

“I think this is really a worthwhile event to come to,” said Allan Naele from Vancouver. “It’s spectacular in every respect, from the dancing to the music to the culture and the color. The costumes are also amazing.

“Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said Rubalcaba.

“And everybody should come,” said Dash.

NTD News, New York