Australian City Mayor Applauds Shen Yun: ‘We Are so Proud to Have You Here’

Shen Yun continued its Australia tour in Toowoomba, up in the sunshine state Queensland, on May 3 and 4.

Paul Antonio, mayor of the Toowoomba regional council, was honored to have Shen Yun perform at the Empire Theater.

“You’ve bought something special to our community but we also have this very special place called the Empire Theater. We’re terribly proud of that,” Antonio said.

Antonio was especially proud of the MC and the soprano, who both hail from the Toowoomba region.

“The MC, the young man who originally came from this area, did a wonderful job,” Antonio said.

“Our local lady, Rachel the soprano, was absolutely beautiful. We’re very proud of her. But the standard tonight was so high, it was so entertaining, and of course that’s the very reason that the Empire Theater tonight was packed.”

Shen Yun’s mission is to revive the lost culture of China, which was almost lost under communism.

Ken Green, principal of Harristown State High School, resonated with this mission.

“I think it’s a very noble ambition and I think they are succeeding in their quest because many people like me, many people in Australia for example, would have no idea about these traditions.”

Audience members also appreciated the storylines and techniques displayed on stage.

Angela Jacob, a floral design business owner, was particularly drawn to the plum blossom dance.

“That one made me cry. It was just the beauty of it,” Jacob said.

Business owner Corey Fraser said, “There is just so many layers of excellence actually, so many layers of excellence. Marvelous.”

Antonio added: “[The Chinese culture is] well worth preserving and it’s sad that it’s not more prominent than it is now. But in saying that, to preserve it is a wonderful thing, and I congratulate you on doing that.”