Australian Politician Says Shen Yun’s Spiritual Theme Warms the Heart


Shen Yun Performing Arts promised culture and dance but the Hon. David John Clarke, a member of the legislative council in the state of New South Wales, took home much more in the form of profound thoughts and beliefs.

“History, culture, as mankind, as humankind has progressed, music, dancing … these are things that refine and uplift the human soul. These are things that make us different from the animal kingdom,” Clarke said. “We’re created by God and I think that the program emphasizes that theme—that everything stems from God.

“God inspires us and uplifts us, and He’s given us music and culture to help uplift the human soul.”

Clarke left the theatre feeling uplifted after experiencing the performance on March 7, and was grateful that people are still able to see the traditional values of ancient Chinese civilisation by watching Shen Yun.

“Just stunning. Just marvelous. Just uplifting.

“I mean to see the classical Chinese dancing and music, 5,000 year history, to see that magnificent orchestra playing those traditional Chinese instruments, led by that world famous conductor, those magnificent dances,” he added. “To see that 21st century technology with that scenic background, that animated background, whereby the performers merge into that background, I don’t know how they do it. It’s stunning.”

Ancient Chinese culture is thought to be divinely inspired, according to Shen Yun’s website. However, this divine aspect has been nearly lost in modern times, since the Chinese communist regime has spent the last several decades trying to destroy traditional culture and values.

Shen Yun’s mission is to bring this culture back to life onstage. Many of its dance pieces depict heavenly realms; others tell stories and legends from ancient and modern China.

This culture can’t be allowed to be lost. That would be infamous for that to happen. That would be a loss to all of humanity … any culture, whatever culture it is.

“That Chinese culture going back 5,000 years, that would be a tragedy for that to be lost. All of humankind benefit from that. It’s important that it continue. It’s important also that people are allowed to have their own faith, and adoration, and belief in God, and to be able to pray and to conduct their affairs,” Clarke said.

I’m really touched and moved and feel privileged to have witnessed that magnificent, heart warming, heart rendering performance today. I thought it was wonderful.”

NTD News, Sydney

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