Austria zoo shows off 4 white tiger cubs

Four white tiger cubs made their debut to the public for the first time at a Weisser Zoo in Austria.

Falco, Toto, Mia, and Mautzi were born on March 22. Each cub weighs around 11 pounds. At birth, they were only 2 pounds each.

“I feel like I am the father, because for us it’s so happy when we see everything after the birth is fine. They are still alive and we don’t need a veterinarian doctor and we don’t need any help. The mother makes everything alone. It’s fantastic,” said Herbert Eder, director of the White Zoo.

For a white tiger to be born is rare enough. So for four to be born and be healthy is of particular note.

“I don’t know if it is a secret but I see that we have from the genetics of the tigers two very different lines, bloodlines. And that means that the genetics are so fine that we have the big success. Otherwise we are here in a very quiet valley outside of big towns, outside of noise. And all this in combination is maybe the success,” said Eder.

Eder won’t be selling the tigers to the highest bidders. Instead, he will donate the tigers to zoos that offer the best environments for them once they grow up.

For now the baby tigers will live at the White Zoo, where they will go on show twice a day starting April 29.