Authorities Flood 200,000 Homes by Opening A Dam; US Orders China Close Houston Consulate in 72 Hrs
CrossroadsJoshua Philipp

Close to 200,000 homes were flooded in four villages and towns in WangJiaBa of Anhui Funan County, after another dam opened its floodgates to full discharge on July 20. This comes after authorities in the same area blasted the Chuhe dike to discharge flood waters.

Meanwhile, the US government has ordered the Chinese consulate in Houston to close within three days, under suggestions it was involved in intellectual property theft and private information on Americans.

And The Washington Free Beacon is now pointing out that a US think tank has strong financial ties to China’s Huawei. We look into this think tank, and how Chinese authorities have actively subverted think tanks in the United States and around the world.

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