This awesome pingpong battle is insanely crazy

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By NTD Newsroom
January 10, 2017Entertainment
This awesome pingpong battle is insanely crazy

Table tennis can be a massive adrenaline rush, especially when the players are on equal skill level.

The video shows a game of ping pong which is played by two Chinese players who are top-notch in their game skills. They play the game for a single point. What starts off as a normal ping pong match soon gets adrenaline-charged and nerve-racking as one of them indulges in tricks, stunts and powerful strikes to take away the point from the other. Whether he makes it or not is something you would have to watch the video to know.

We are not spilling the beans for you and spoiling the fun of watching a tight-clasped, nerve-racking ping pong match. Check out and know which of the two get the much-contested point.