This young baby fell into pool, what he did next is unbelievable

Any amount of water can a huge hazard to infants. In the US alone, thousands of young children and infants drown every year. Any swimming skills may become crucial in a situation when a baby falls into the water. But how early can a baby learn how to swim? Pediatricians recommend not to start swimming classes before the age of one years old on average. Swallowing large amounts of  pool water is very dangerous for younger babies.

This video shows how some babies with swimming skills behaved in real life drowning situations:

A baby walked over to the swimming pool to try and retrieve his toy that fell in the water, and fell in after it.


Once in water, he managed to use his swimming skills amazingly well to survive.


Seems like in some situations, babies with good swimming skills would know how to rescue themselves.


Every parent with very young children should watch this video:

Source: Infant Swimming

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