Beijing Asks Its Citizens in Israel to Buy Their Own Flights Home

NTD Newsroom
By NTD Newsroom
October 16, 2023China in Focus

Want out of a war zone? Chinese citizens in dangerous areas right now might be on their own.

As bloodshed continues amid the Israel–Hamas conflict, China has yet to announce any plans to bring its citizens back home, while several countries including the United States have already started pulling their own citizens out of Israel.

Instead, the regime is asking its diaspora to pay for their own flights.

Chinese students stranded in Israel are demanding answers from the Chinese embassy.

In one social media group chat, students are inquiring about whether there’s an evacuation arrangement in place. They also asked if the ambassador to Israel would openly condemn Hamas and support Jerusalem.

But an embassy staff member responded with a warning, advising people not to chat casually or send irrelevant information to the group chat.

According to Beijing’s foreign ministry, four Chinese nationals have been killed in the conflict so far, with six injured and two missing.

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